This girl has “heartbreaker” written all over her. The video isn’t new but every time I see it I can’t help but be impressed and smile. Her enthusiasm as she takes apart, reassembles and then performs a function check on the rifle captures perfectly what makes guns and shooting so much fun. She’s hardly the anti-social, anti-government menace that our foes would make us all out to be, is she? [ Check out the video behind the cut ]

It also shows why it is never really too early to get a child interested in guns, hunting or the shooting sports. In particular, I wish all states would get rid of minimum age requirements to go hunting. If a child can’t hunt in your state until he or she is a teen the chance of that kid becoming a dedicated and lifelong outdoors enthusiast go way down. By that age a child’s likes and dislikes are already cemented and the task to spark any new interest becomes more difficult.

But I digress. Here’s the real question: Can you do the same drill as fast as she does? If you feel up to it give it a go and post your times here.