Nosler M48

Nosler, the maker of damn fine bullets, also makes damn fine rifles. But while most hunters have at one point or another used Partitions and Ballistic Tips, not nearly as many have had a chance to give the rifles a shot because they are assembled in the same quantities that Ferrari produces racecars.

Unlike Italian Supercars, though, Nosler's rifles are becoming more affordable as time goes on because the company has sought out ways to take the best features of its custom line of guns and turn them into more affordable semi-custom rifles.

The result is the M48 Custom Sporter, which I reviewed here (see also photo gallery here), and the newer and even more affordable TGR rifle, which will be reviewed in our annual test of new rifles and shotguns in August.

As I say in the video review of the rifle (below) it is one impressive hunting tool and chambered in 6.5-284 Norma it is enough to make a grizzled hunter swoon. At least that is the effect it had on me.