A-Team Rides Again

I pity the fool who isn't excited for this summer's release of the A-Team. For gun nuts of a certain age, the four men who were wrongly convicted by a military court of "a crime they didn't commit" can't help but evoke a mixture of nostalgia combined with a satchel charge of guilt-free napalm-fueled adrenaline.

The beauty of the original show was the copious--and by "copious" I mean "insane"-- amount of ordinance in the form of small arms fire and explosives that was expended to no real ill effect on any person appearing in the episodes, no matter whether they were on the side of good or evil. The banana clips on the show never hit empty and would keep the rifles chattering away as long as the shooter could keep a finger on the trigger. (This was long before TV got "tactical" and discovered little things like "reloads" and "cover.") And you couldn't put a pimped-out custom van into a power slide without weaving through a slalom course of 55-gallon drums that were ready to explode with C4.

For all the pyrotechnics, no one ever seemed to get hit by a bullet or even have their well-styled hairdos mussed much.

Will this summer's movie have the juice to hurdle the low expectations set by the TV show? I doubt it, but I'm going to see it anyway. Based on this trailer the new cast seems to lack the endearing cheese-factor of the original quartet who played Hannibal, Face, Murdock and B. A. Baracus. But I wouldn't be the first person to underestimate this tough-as-nails foursome only to find myself dazed and dazzled (yet unharmed) by their awesomeness.

Photo and Video Courtesy of 20th Century Fox