Windy City’s windbag mayor to circumvent Supreme Court when it rules Chicago’s gun ban is unconstitutional.

Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley is rapidly disintegrating into spiteful tyrant.

Confronted with the dawning reality that the Supreme Court will soon issue a decision that will make his city’s gun ban unconstitutional, the Windy City’s windbag mayor plans to circumvent the ruling and continue to allow only criminals to have weapons in Chicago.

By the way, Daley also believes the ban has “been very effective” in preventing gun violence in Chicago, a city so overwhelmed with gun violence, some are calling for the National Guard to be deployed to its streets.

Daley is so delusional that he makes New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg appear to a paragon of reason.

Bloomberg, despite his anti-gun zealotry, has actually told his bureaucrats to streamline the city’s gun permit application process in anticipation of Chicago’s gun ban — and, by implication, New York City’s draconian prohibitions — being gunned down by teh Supreme Court.

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