I take guns on the road with me nearly every time I travel. Usually that means I’m hauling a bulky rifle case that weighs as much as Barney Frank. One of the many reasons I love hunting with handguns is that I get to pack my firearm in a case like this. This little unit from Storm–it is the iM2050 model–can hold a large framed 1911 or a revolver like my Smith and Wesson M29 .44 Mag. Mountain Gun with a 4-inch barrel and a couple magazines or speedloaders.

It shuts tight with two padlocks and it looks strong enough to survive a rhino charge.

The gun pictured here is a Colt 1911 Delta Elite in 10mm. I took it on a trip to Texas for hogs and with a pair of Crimson Trace laser grips attached it is the very incarnation of porcine death.