New Laws: July 1st

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New Mexico, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Indiana legislators’ pro-Second Amendment laws are now in effect.

The 561 new laws approved by State Legislatures nationwide that went into effect on July 1 include significant victories for Second Amendment advocates.

As of July 1, gun owners with permits can carry concealed weapons into restaurants that serve alcohol in New Mexico and Virginia. Tennessee lawmakers passed a similar law over the veto of Democratic Gov. Phil Bredesen.

Also, Georgia lawmakers lifted a prohibition against drinking alcohol while carrying a gun in public, and made it legal for people to carry guns in some areas of airports. And Indiana approved a measure allowing employees to take guns with them to work as long as they’re kept out of sight in a locked vehicle on a company-owned parking lot.

Apparently, however, the law of the land ends in one Indiana steelmakers’ parking lot. ArcelorMittal has warned its employees not to bring guns to work, despite the new state law that extends that right beginning July 1.

In a letter distributed on June 28, the company told workers federal law pre-empts the new state law and employees cannot have firearms or ammunition at either site. The steelmaker had an existing policy prohibiting employees from bringing firearms or ammunition on company property.

This is certain to be challenged because no such federal law exists.

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