A story from Jim Shepherd at the Outdoor Wire highlights the controversy surrounding Remington’s 700 series. Last night, CNBC ran a documentary claiming that the Remington 700 has been unsafe since it’s introduction, in some instances firing when the trigger had not been pulled.

CNBC uses multiple lawsuits against Remington as leverage in its report and also claims that Remington knew about the alleged problems but took no actions to fix them.

Following the report, Remington stands behind its model 700 and has brought up questions about the credibility of CNBC’s reporting.

According to the Outdoor Wire: “A website that gives the [Remington’s] initial response wastes no time in attacking the credibility of CNBC reporter Scott Cohn and the various experts making the claims against Remington. Cohn was an easy target, uneasily holding a Remington 700 in his opening standups and later, holding the rifle, bolt closed, with his finger on the trigger. So, too, was expert witness Jack Belk, with Remington’s website showing excerpts of a deposition in which Belk, as an expert witness for the plaintiff, admitted he couldn’t get the rifle to replicate the accidental discharge claimed in that lawsuit.”

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