When I was getting my FNH SCAR set up, it didn’t take me long to settle on a sight to use. I went with one of EOTech’s latest offerings, the EXPS2-0. Sadly, my love affair with this sight is going to be short-lived because I’ve been ordered by my bosses to give it away to one very lucky reader here at

If you want to take my EOTech from me, all you have to do is submit a picture of the rifle you want to use it on. But, since I’m making up the rules for the giveaway, there’s a catch. Your picture has to include a copy of Outdoor Life magazine.

I’m going to select as winner the person who submits the best photo. The rifle will certainly have something to do with my decision, but I’m more interested in seeing originality in the photo and, of course, seeing a copy of Outdoor Life in the picture.


If you’re not familiar with EOTech’s sights, they project a holographic reticle, and in the case of this model, it is a dot within a larger ring. The dot subtends 1 MOA and the ring spans 65 MOA, and one of the things that’s great about the design is that you can have a less-than-ideal cheek mount, and as long as that dot is covering what you want to hit, your bullets will find their mark when you pull the trigger.

A pair of switches on the left side of the sight control the intensity of the illumination, and the sight is powered by a lithium 123 battery that sits at the front of the unit.

I don’t think there is a faster sight on the market–you simply pull the rifle up while keeping both eyes open and the reticle is right there, right now. Despite the speed of the system, which makes it ideal for close-up shooting and moving targets, the single dot also provides a good measure of accuracy for longer shots, so the EO Tech isn’t limited to short-range work.


This model has a quick-release lever that allows you to detach the sight in a hurry and move to backup sights should the need arise. It also lets you mount the sight on any firearm that has a Picatinny rail.

You can zero the reticle with 1/2 MOA click adjustments and the whole thing is encased in a waterproof, guy-proof and war-proof housing. You’ll quit working long before it does.

With that said, let the contest begin. Submit your photos here and I’m going to make my final selection by April 26.