Billionaire New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is sending a moving billboard truck around the country claiming that 34 Americans are “murdered with guns every day.”

The billboard truck, officially sponsored by Mayors Against Illegal Guns but paid for by Bloomberg, launched its moveable feast of lies last month to promote gun-control. It is equipped with a running tally of gun-related deaths in America since the Jan. 8 shooting in Tucson, Ariz. It is slated to appear in at least 25 states.

Bloomberg’s brazen display of distorted information as “fact” has prompted the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and the Second Amendment Foundation to launch a billboard truck-tour of their own to counter Bloomberg’s “campaign of fear against firearms and their owners.”

CCRKBA Chairman Alan M. Gottlieb said Bloomberg’s campaign “tells less than half of a story, so we’re setting the record straight.”

Here are the real facts, according to the CCRKBA and SAF: Guns are legally used between 800,000 and 2.5 million times annually in self-defense, or by 2,100 to 6,800 people every day who successfully use firearms to defend themselves, or prevent a criminal attack.

“In the majority of those incidents, no shots are fired, so nobody is injured or killed. In some cases where shots are fired by armed citizens, several lives are saved,” Gottlieb said. “While Bloomberg is shooting blanks, CCRKBA will be hitting the bull’s eye with information Americans need to protect their civil rights.”

Interestingly, while Bloomberg was busy launching his ‘bullboard’ lie-mobile, he was accused of pressuring a billboard company in New York from posting an ad that referred to his own admission that he has smoked pot.

The Drug Policy Alliance wanted to put up a billboard on the Bronx-Queens Expressway to inform motorists about the cost of the NYPD’s boom in marijuana arrests — 50,000 people last year at a price tag of nearly $100 million.

The ad referred to Bloomberg’s disclosure — in an interview when he first ran for mayor — that he has smoked marijuana.

But, the advertising company that owns the billboard opted not to run the ad. An executive at the company allegedly said in an email that “political circumstances from the Mayor’s office” helped them make that decision.

So, it’s OK for Bloomberg to lie to you.

Just don’t tell the truth about him.

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