The price tag alone on premium safari ammunition is enough to stop a charging elephant dead in its tracks. With a box of .416 Rigby running around $250, you can imagine the wheels spinning as the Cape buffalo is bearing down on you: “The cost of a medivac ride to Harare, plus the hospital bills would almost equal what I’ll spend if I pull the trigger…”

Well, Federal is now loading safari ammo with its less expensive Fusion bullets, and thank goodness for that. Because the velocities and exterior ballistics match up with Federal’s premium Trophy Bonded Bear Claw ammo, it can serve as practice ammo for that next trip to the Dark Continent before you load up with the good stuff.

But they are also fine hunting bullets in their own right–especially so in the hard-hitting safari calibers–and will work well for everything short of dangerous game.

The Fusion Safari line starts with the .375 H&H and goes up to the .458 Lott.
Here are the published MSRPs:

  • .375 H&H, 300-gr.: $69.99
  • .416 Rem., 400-gr.: $89.99
  • .416 Rigby, 400-gr.: $109.99
  • .458 Win. Mag., 500-gr.: $99.99
  • .458 Lott, 500-gr: $104.99

Here’s more detail from Federal’s press release:

ANOKA, Minn. – April 6, 2011 – Fusion® Ammunition announces a new Safari line specifically designed for African game. The new rounds come loaded in .375 H&H–.458 Lott and are now available.

Proven Technology
Fusion Safari is built to drop African game and utilizes the same advanced technology from the highly popular Fusion deer ammunition. Fusion’s advanced molecular technique of electro-chemically applying the jacket to the core delivers consistent toughness. Enhanced aerodynamics contribute to superb accuracy and result in steady, precise performance.

The bullet weights and velocities of each Fusion Safari load match those of Federal Premium’s Trophy Bonded® Bear Claw® for easy interchangeability.

Reliable Performance
Fusion rifle bullets offer high weight retention to ensure deep penetration. Consistent, pre-programmed mushrooms are achieved through internal skiving. These new bullets feature special designs, meaning jacket-thickness and expansion is perfect for big calibers. These factors all combine to make a devastating combination for African game.

“These new safari loads are sure to give hunters an advantage over other similarly priced ammunition,” said Brand Director Rick Stoeckel. “We used proven Fusion technology and applied it to a whole new level with these hard-hitting and accurate rounds. Hunters will get reliable performance at a great price for tough African game.”

To learn more about the new Fusion Safari loads, the advanced Fusion process and all other Fusion offerings, please visit

Part No. and Description
F375FS1 .375 H&H, 300-grain, Fusion 2400 fps
F416RFS1 .416 Rem., 400-grain, Fusion 2400 fps
F416FS1 .416 Rigby, 400-grain, Fusion 2300 fps
F458FS1 .458 Win., 500-grain, Fusion 2090 fps
F458LFS1 .458 Lott, 500-grain, Fusion 2300 fps