Before the NRA Annual Meeting formally convened on Friday in Pittsburgh, Executive Vice President and CEO Wayne LaPierre told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the NRA would “actively oppose” President Barack Obama’s re-election in 2012.

Even LaPierre admitted the group’s opposition to Obama is “no surprise,” but he felt a need to come out early and strongly to galvanize Second Amendment advocates to begin preparing for the election now.

There is some fear of complacency, considering how considerable legislative, judicial, and popular momentum now favors Second Amendment initiatives virtually nationwide.

However, as Jim Geraghty writes in an April 29 blog posted on National Review Online, recent victories will only be transitory without sustained pressure.

“The NRA looks at Washington and sees a president who has been a foe throughout his career, a vice president who has been a foe throughout his career, a secretary of state who has been a foe throughout her career, and an attorney general who has been a foe throughout his career,” Geraghty writes.

Obama is stocking his administration with anti-gun cronies. If re-elected, he’ll have four years to pursue a gun-grabbing agenda he has purposely “fogged” during his first two years in office, LaPierre contends.

Considering he’s already appointed two anti-gun justices — Sotomayor and Kagan — to the Supreme Court, what challenge could Obama present to the Second Amendment during a second four-year term?

Considerable, LaPierre says. The 5-4 victories in shooting down Chicago’s blanket handgun ban, and in overturning a similar ban in the District of Columbia, are tenuous, he says.

The appointment of one more justice like Sotomayor or Kagan “could break the back of the Second Amendment in this country,” LaPierre warns.

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