Doctors Sue Florida Governor Over Privacy of Firearm Owners Act

Three Florida doctors are suing the governor and four other top Florida officials in Miami Federal Court, claiming the recently adopted "Privacy of Firearm Owners Act" is unconstitutional because it doesn't recognize a doctor's divine status as a god who is not subject to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The Act, also known as the "Physician Gag Law," prohibits doctors from asking patients if they own firearms because firearm ownership is irrelevant, unless as an exploitable prelude to denying heath care for political and personal reasons. The Act threatens doctors who pry into patients' privacy with loss of their medical licenses.

But doctors say their First Amendment right to demand answers to whatever they ask -- since they are doctors, you know -- supersedes your right to privacy.

The NRA notes that the doctors are represented by Ropes & Grey, a global law firm with offices in Boston, Chicago, Hong Kong, London, New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Tokyo and Washington, DC. that often represents the Brady Campaign in its crusade to diminish Second Amendment rights.

Pictured: Florida Governor Rick Scott