Go ahead and say it’s for science–after all, who has done a side-by-side analysis of high-speed video to compare the differences between shooting a revolver and semi-auto pistol underwater?

In truth, this is just a cool experiment that I wish I had thought to do. After watching the video I had a couple questions that could only be answered by more experimentation. Do the bullets upset the same way as they would when shooting them into a pool of water? What cool footage would we get from shooting an AK-47, an AR-15 or a Perazzi over-and-under submerged in a tank? And what on earth is that finish on the revolver? It looks like a sample from Pimps-R-Us.

Is there a gun in your safe would you be willing to soak and shoot in the name of science? List ’em here. I’d be willing to pop off a round from my Smith & Wesson 500 just to see the waterspout thrown by the muzzle break.