You can’t make this stuff up: On Sept. 5, anti-gun zealots in Buffalo, N.Y., launched a gun buyback program that encourages children to trade in their Nerf guns and water pistols for a slice of pizza.

Of course, the exchange program has nothing to do with public safety. As a Sept. 8 editorial in the Washington Times noted, it’s all about instilling “a fear of firearms in the city’s youth.”

From the editorial …
“… more and more children today are denied the pleasure of playing traditional games like cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers. Their baseball games aren’t scored so that everyone can be declared a “winner.” Grades are inflated or not kept, and everyone is promoted. At the head of this movement one finds the California Assembly, which held a committee debate Tuesday on Senate-passed legislation that would regulate the acceptable colors for BB guns. Squirt-gun registration can’t be far behind.”_

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