A lawsuit filed on Sept. 27 in the U.S. District Court in Nebraska by the Second Amendment Foundation, the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association and an Omaha man challenges the city of Omaha’s ban against non-U.S. citizens registering handguns with the city’s police department.

Armando Pliego Gonzalez, who lived in Mexico before coming to Omaha in 1999, became a permanent resident in October 2008 and works construction. His wife is also a lawful permanent resident and the couple has four children.

A victim of a home invasion in 2010, Gonzalez’s lawsuit claims that the city’s prohibition on noncitizens registering handguns limits his ability to protect himself and his family.
Gonzalez, a member of both SAF and NFOA, went to the Omaha Police Department in June to register a firearm he had legally purchased. He was denied the registration because he is not a U.S. citizen.

The lawsuit questions whether the city’s ordinance requiring citizenship is unconstitutional and seeks injunctions against enforcing the measure.

A ruling could have implications beyond the Second Amendment as the nation debates revising its’ inadequate immigration and naturalization laws and regulations.

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