This Youtube video is titled, “A bunch of Swedish people shoot large calibre guns that kick allot,” and, spelling aside, that’s pretty much what happens.

It’s hard to say exactly what caliber their rifle is, but it’s a bruiser for sure. These shooters nearly dislocate their shoulders from recoil like a horse’s kick, while unseen “friends” howl with manic delight over their pain and shock. And whoever let that small woman fire the rifle (second shooter) is an outright sadist.

Once the trigger’s pulled, every shooter in the first sequence nearly drops the rifle–except shooter number four in the blue T-shirt. The other shooters tense noticeably just before the moment of truth, obviously scared, their arms rigid as they force the rifle back into their shoulders, and then jerk the trigger.

Blue T-Shirt guy? He’s pretty relaxed as he squeezes off his shot. The rifle whams him hard, no doubt about it. But of all the shooters here, he’s best able to control the rifle and doesn’t even come close to dropping it. Increased tension, both physical and emotional, equals less shooting stability!