ASYM Precision Ammunition, made by Stan Chen Customs of Durango, Colorado, beefs up its Solid Defense X (SDX) line of handgun ammunition with the new 9mm SDX (Solid Defense X) loaded with a 115 grain Barnes TAC-XP +P bullet.

All of ASYM Precision’s SDX ammo features the solid copper, ultra premium Barnes TAC-XP bullet.

The bullet offers:

• Phenomenal terminal performance – impressive tissue damage and wound cavities

• Reliable expansion (the .45 ACP TAC-XP version is rated at an impressive 1″ expansion)

• Deep penetration, even through intermediate barriers such as glass, sheet metal and denim

• No core/jacket separation

All this with a bullet that is certified lead free.

The SDX line also comes in .45 and .380 Auto offerings. Stan Chen Customs makes customized 1911’s.