School is in session and courts are issuing lessons on the United States Constitution.

On Sept. 29, the Oregon Court of Appeals overturned a longtime policy of the state university system that barred guns from college campuses, regardless of permits. The ruling makes it legal for permit holders to carry loaded weapons anywhere on public college grounds where, despite protests from some in Academia, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights still apply.

Oregon joins Colorado, Wisconsin and Mississippi as states which recently allowed guns on campus.

There are now 22 states that still expressly prohibit concealed carry on college campuses by persons with a valid concealed handgun license/permit. Of those, Texas law specifically prohibits concealed carry on campus, but includes a clause which allows an individual college/university to “opt out” of the law and allow concealed carry.

Meanwhile, a student and Florida Carry, Inc., have filed a lawsuit against the University of North Florida seeking a permanent injunction from enforcing its campus firearms ban. The challenge, filed on Oct. 3, claims the school is citing its right to ban guns from being stored in vehicles on campus parking lots the way Florida public school districts can do.

According to the suit, the university falls outside that exemption since it is a state university and not a local school district.

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