Give the good people at Weatherby some credit. They not only guarantee that each of their new “Range Certified” or RC rifles– the Vanguard® Series 2 RC and Mark V® TRR RC rifles– will shoot at a sub-minute of angle (a three-shot group at .99-inch or less). Each of these rifles also comes with a factory-shot target proving that specific rifle’s sub-moa capabilities and is signed by company President Ed Weatherby himself.
Vanguard Series 2 RC (including Varmint and TRR versions) and Mark V TRR RC rifles are tested at Weatherby’s modern indoor range. The range technicians mount premium optics, then boresight and test fire each rifle to determine the most accurate load using the Oehler Research 83 Ballistic Imaging System. Afterwards, the rifle is cleaned and packed with the actual target signed by Mr. Weatherby. Each rifle sports a special RC engraved floorplate. Note: All RC rifles are guaranteed to shoot that sub-moa with either specified Weatherby factory or premium ammunition.

The RC rifle models and variations come with way, way too many custom and match-quality features to list all the goodies here. Suffice it to say, while the price tags for these impressive firearms are hefty, many hunters and target shooters will no doubt feel that it’s worth it to know exactly what their rifle can do. Right out of the box.