Brunton Eterna 18-38x50 Overall Rating: 3 stars If you're in the market for a compact scope for an alpine goat or sheep hunt, consider this very bright, very crisp entry from Brunton. The scope also comes in an 80mm tube with a 20-60X eyepiece, but the 21⁄2-pound 50mm is the more useful configuration. It held up in the low-light test with much larger scopes, and testers praised its tack-sharp image and good resolution, functions of its ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) glass. We noted some peripheral image degradation, minor color flaring and a small, eye-fatiguing exit pupil at 38X, but it's priced right for a handy, portable pack scope. ($770; Report Card Optical Quality: 4th Image: B+ Design: B Price/Value: B.

Just in time for hunting season, Brunton Hunting released their new Eterna Rifle Scopes.

The Eterna Rifle Scopes are fully multi-coated providing the best in clarity, contrast, true color and light transmission. They are equipped with a fast focus eyepiece affording the hunter faster and more precise target acquisition. Available in three models: the BDC Reticle; the Duplex Reticle; and the Mil-dot Reticle.

The Eterna BDC Reticle lets you zero the point if impact at one distance by using Bullet Drop Compensating glass-etched reticle. It uses a series of aiming points to allow for trajectory and improve accuracy at longer ranges. Available in 4.5-14×50, 3-9×40 and 6.5-20×50. For greater ease and accuracy, Brunton provides a ballistics calculator online.

The Eterna Duplex Reticle is the traditional reticle choice. The heavy glass-etched crosshairs guide your eye to the aiming point, and the fine crosshairs pinpoint your target. Available in 1.5-5×20.

The Eterna Mil-Dot Reticle is designed for hunters who use ranging to calculate and translate the distance and spacing of the reticle to the actual distance to the target. The Mil-Dot is built with fully coated optics and a glass-etched reticle. Available in 6-24×40.

All three scopes have fully multi-coated lenses, are waterproof, shock proof and nitrogen filled and fogproof. MSRP on the Eterna Duplex Reticle is $425, the Mil-Dot $870, and BDC Reticile at three prices: 4.5-14×50 at $965, 3-9×40 at $620, and $945 for the 6.5-20×50.