Is it just me, or does shooting at paper targets get real old real quick? I personally like to see something move when I hit it — makes me feel like I accomplished something, and that’s the fun of the new Do-All Outdoors Impact Seal Targets.

Do-All Outdoors designed these targets to handle all calibers. Bullets will actually pass right through the targets when they’re hit. The targets will then seal up themselves to the size of a pinhole so you can shoot again and again.

These are good-sized targets. The Impact Seal Bowling Pin, for example, is the same size as an actual bowling pin. The target normally sits straight up in the air. But when you hit with a round, it will spin over before coming back into the upright position. Same deal goes for all the other Impact Seal models: Bullseye Brew, Big Gong Show, Lone Prairie Dog and Double Prairie Dog.

The base target stands are made of solid steel. Just in case your shooting is a bit off!
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