Anti-gun bigotry is so rampant in Britain that, apparently, some want to see the nation’s gun-control obsession become the law of the sea–even in dangerous waters where there are no laws.

Prime Minister David Cameron announced last week that armed guards would be deployed on British ships to protect them from pirates in lawless waters, such as those off Somalia. This common sense departure from Britain’s steadfast commitment to allow only criminals to be armed was greeted by hysterics and howling from anti-gun zealots in the press.

“This is a bad idea,” chirped the Financial Times in a November 1st editorial. “Letting merchant vessels carry security guards might marginally reduce the number of successful assaults by pirates. But it is unlikely to have much impact on the number of attacks attempted.”

If you were a sailor on a merchant ship steaming off the coast of Somalia, which would you prefer? No chance to defend yourself or a marginal chance to defend yourself?

The reaction is not surprising, of course, especially from London’s liberal elite.

These silly gun-grabbers said nothing when defenseless fellow citizens were tormented by rampaging–and, often, armed–rioters last summer, but had plenty to say when London was selected to host the 2012 Olympics.

Their Olympian complaint? They wanted the nine men’s shooting events and seven women’s shooting events dropped as sports from the international competition.

When that failed, they successfully banned children from attending any of the events, claiming “it would not be appropriate” for youngsters to witness a sport featuring guns and implying that Olympic shooting champions would be criminal influences on British youngsters.

Yes, we have issues here in the United States, but thank your lucky Stars & Stripes that you don’t live in Britain.

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