Take that all-important shot in confidence with the new V-Yoke Rapid Pivot Bipod and Tripod systems by Stoney Point, a top manufacturer of field shooting rests.

The Rapid Pivot system has been a Stoney Point staple for some time. Silent, fast and solid, the Pivot System provides a full 360-degrees of motion and a tilt of 45 degrees. It handles tough terrain with rubber-capped feet and interior carbide spikes. The patented posi-lock adjustment system offers a simple adjustment of the legs with a quick quarter-twist.

Now, Stoney Point has also introduced two new attachments to the Pivot System, the V-Yoke and Picatinny Rail. The new V-Yoke attachment offers users quickness and flexibility when mounting a firearm. For added accuracy and stability, the Picatinny Rail attachment allows shooters to securely attach firearms that feature a Picatinny Rail mounting system to a Rapid Pivot Bipod or Tripod.

Already own a Rapid Pivot rest? The V-Yoke and Picatinny systems are available separately. You can also purchase a complete system already attached to a new Stoney Point Rapid Pivot Bipod or Tripod.