Dad’s got an AR, and now Junior can have one, too–of the pneumatic variety, that is. Crosman Corporation introduces the new M4-177 pneumatic air rifle that shoots both BBs and .177 caliber pellets. Assembled in the USA, the M4-177 has a textured polymer stock, forearm and receiver, all designed with an AR in mind, from the M4 style receiver to the collapsible stock. The variable pump action is easy to use for right or left-handers.
Depending on how many times you pump it, the M4-177 can launch BBs up to 660 feet per second (fps) down its rifled steel barrel, and 7.9 grain, .177 caliber pellets at up to 625 fps.

The M4-177 comes equipped with a windage adjustable, a two-position flip rear sight, and an elevation adjustable front sight. The sights can also be removed to allow for a scope or red dot sight. The same Firepow’r 5-shot pellet clips used with the Crosman Pumpmaster 760, and the Recruit air rifles are used in the M4-177. The BB reservoir is located on the side of the receiver and holds up to 350 BBs, while an 18-shot internal track feeds BBs into the action.

MSRP $119, and is available now at retail stores.