It’s unfortunate that two of every three Americans now get their “news”–all of their “news”–from television.

Not only is TV “news,” by its nature, a superficial cavalcade of visually stimulating events presented in disjointed, rapid-fire video snippets and sound bites, but it provides a forum for smug dumb-downers to comment authoritatively on important and complex issues, even when they don’t know what they are talking about.

Such was the case in early November when two MSNBC “personalities” strayed from scripted commentary on Lindsay Lohan, Prince Andrew, and ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ to dismiss the Founding Fathers, the Supreme Court, legal and history scholars, and millions of fellow Americans as dolts for thinking the Second Amendment is an integral component of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

MSNBC “personalities” Alex Wagner and Craig Melvin believe–it’s all about what you “believe” and how you “feel,” not about what you “think”–you should not have a right to bear arms and protect yourself.

As Wagner sniffed, it is time to “get rid of the Second Amendment” altogether and do away with the outdated notion of the right to bear arms.

On November first, as guest host of MSNBC’s News Nation, Melvin tried to ambush Sheriff Chuck Wright, of Spartanburg, South Carolina, in an interview about Wright’s logical suggestion that some women, in some instances, should consider being trained to carry a concealed weapon to protect themselves.

Melvin’s attempt to bash what he presumed to be a bumpkin from “some hicktown down South” backfired when Wright, instead, exposed him as an out-of-touch elitist with no concept of life in the real world.

During the interview, Melvin smirked: “If women are shooting potential attackers, aren’t they presuming guilt before innocence? What if a woman kills an attacker? Isn’t that opening another whole legal can of worms?”

Wright’s answer: “Well, it’s easy to fix that. Just don’t attack a woman.”

The bottom line is, ultimately, we are responsible for ourselves and for each other, especially in a participatory democracy.

And that, of course, is not a bottom line that liberal ideologues–the intellects who put the words into TV “news” airhead-hairdos’ mouths–want you to think about.

They want you to “believe,” to “feel,” that they–and they alone–know more than you do about what is best for you.

Your best defense?


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