It’s always ironically amusing when liberal ideologues and self-crowned lords, such as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, spiral into foam-spittled diatribes when pontificating about the political influence and financial clout of membership-driven organizations like the NRA.

It’s ironic because no matter how hard they try, no matter how much money they spend, they cannot match the NRA’s efficacy. So, they attack the NRA for beating them at their own game.
And that is what makes it amusing — their hypocrisy is so transparent.

But give Bloomberg his just due: He puts his money where his mouth flaps.

Bloomberg, who personally finances the nationwide Mayors Against Illegal Guns campaign to ensure only criminals have access to firearms, pumped $150,000 of his own money into the Nov. 8 Virginia State Senate elections to support six gun-grabbers.

The bad news is all six won. The good news is it may not matter.

The Virginia State Senate is now split 20-20 after the GOP picked up two seats in the election, despite Bloomberg’s money and meddling. Democrats had controlled the Senate by a 22-18 margin.

Since the tie-breaking vote goes to Republican Lieutenant Gov. Bill Bolling, the GOP now controls both houses of the Legislature, the Governor’s Mansion and the attorney general’s office in Virginia for only the second time since the Civil War.

Ten gun bills have passed the GOP-controlled General Assembly and they could now also pass the Senate, including one that would repeal Virginia’s current mandate that a person can only buy one gun a month.

This angers Bloomberg, who somehow blames Virginia for gun crime in New York City.

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