Apparently, Benelli isn’t satisfied with the great waterfowling shotguns it already makes, as it has just released a new shotgun custom-tuned for the hard-core waterfowler–the Benelli Super Black Eagle II (SBE II) Performance Shop Waterfowl Edition. Essentially, Benelli took its already well-established SBE II and added a number of Benelli’s Performance Shop enhancements.

For example, the Waterfowl Edition comes with a set of Rob Roberts Custom Triple Threat™ chokes, to give shooters a selection of choke tubes that apply specifically to waterfowl hunting at short, medium and long-range distances. Each individual gun is also test-fired with Federal Premium’s Black Cloud® shotshells.

A large bolt-cocking handle, designed for run-and-gun style shooting, affords a positive purchase whenever engaging the bolt. This combined with a longer and wider bolt release lever, makes the Waterfowl Edition easier to manipulate even when wearing bulky, cold-weather gloves.

Each Waterfowl Edition’s barrel is fitted with a HI VIZ Comp front sight with a variety of colored fiber optic inserts for amazingly fast target acquisition, especially in low-light conditions. The Waterfowl Edition utilizes a paracord design survival sling, which frees up your hands for setting decoys or carrying gear. In an emergency situation, the survival sling provides over 50 feet of 550-pound paracord within seconds.

As with all SBE-II’s, the Waterfowl Edition features Benelli’s ultra-reliable Inertia Driven® operating system, which has been honed and polished. The trigger group has been worked to provide a crisper let off.

MSRP, $2,899.