Hoppe’s Elite T3 Gun Oil Keeps Your Firearms Working at Extreme Temps

Keep your firearms clean and provide them with long-lasting corrosion protection, with Hoppe's new Elite T3 Gun Oil. Elite T3 is an upgrade of Hoppe's popular Elite Gun Oil, made even better with a special T3 additive.

T3 contains liquid molybdenum and liquid PTFE, a synthetic polymer with the lowest coefficient of friction known to man. The Elite T3 Gun Oil disperses in a thin coat across the entire surface of the bore and penetrates deep into every pore of the metal to condition the metal and provide long-term protection against fouling.

With winter upon us, it's good to know that T3 won't break down to temperatures as low as -40 degrees, and keeps doing the job when your firearms heated up--up to 320 degrees.

Hoppe's maintains that, when used in combination with Hoppe's Elite Gun Cleaner, Elite T3 Gun Oil reduces your gun-cleaning time by up to 80 percent.

MSRP of $7.95 for two-ounce bottle, $12.95 for the four-ouncer.