When it was launched in 2011, Winchester’s Blindside steel waterfowl loads exceeded all the ammo maker’s expectations – selling a whopping three times better than the company’s initial estimates. What sets Blindside apart is the six-sided, Hex™ Steel Shot pellets stacked inside the shells which packs 15 percent more pellets in the same space versus traditional round pellets.

So for 2012, Winchester beefs up its Blindside offerings by adding #1, #3, and #5 shot to its 12 gauge offerings in 3 ½”, 3″ and 2 ¾”, and introducing the 20 gauge to the Blindside mix with 3″ shells available in #2 and #5 shot.

Blindside shells are made with Winchester’s Diamond Cut Wad, which is specifically designed to maximize pattern performance of the Hex shot – it can increase the kill zone by up to 25 percent. And Winchester’s Drylok Super Steel® System helps keep your powder dry in the wettest hunting conditions.