Shoot your cholesterol through the roof!

Show people where your loyalties lie in terms of cuts from the other white meat.

Put pork loving gang bangers to shame with your bacon bling.

Do whatever you want cuz’ you own an AK constructed of – or rapped in – Elvis’ favorite treat (BACON)!

Actually I can’t tell what exactly this picture is all about but if you can, you’ll win a ton of gear from ArmaLite.

Here’s what their ponying up to the person who provides the best caption to the bacon/gun photo: An ArmaLite tactical rifle case valued at $65, an ArmaLite sling valued at $40, a $35 ArmaLite banner, a ArmaLite 2012/2013 magnetic calendar, an Armalite camo carabineer , ArmaLite camo carabineer retractable pen, an ArmaLite lapel pin, ArmaLite camo beer koozie, an AR-50 t-shirt, a long-sleeve ArmaLite t-shirt, a black ArmaLite baseball hat, an ArmaLite precision box, ArmaLite ear plugs and a $50 gift card. That’s more than $260 worth of swag for doing nothing more than coming up with the best caption.

What are you waiting for? Get after it!

The Gun Shots blog will host two caption contests this month for the ArmaLite prize package. The best caption from either contest will win.