New York City continues to be a glaring example of what happens when bad laws are zealously enforced without regard to common sense, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

In the last few months, a Marine from Indiana, a Tea Party activist from California, and a nurse from Tennessee have all been arrested for firearm possession when they innocently attempted to check their weapons with security, running afoul of the city’s unconstitutional gun laws and Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s unabashed and unrestrained bigotry against legal gun ownership and gun owners.
Now comes news that New York City’s Consumer Affairs Division has fined a Brooklyn toy shop $30,000 for stocking six replica guns — $5,000 per toy — as part of the city’s unrelenting campaign to demonize firearms and firearm owners.

The manager of the 99¢ Target Store argued that reasonable people wouldn’t confuse the toy shooters he was selling — called “Sheriff sets” that featured Old West-style pistols in a gunbelt — with real firearms, especially since the toy guns had orange tips. However, since they were not brightly colored, they were in violation of the city’s regulations.

Ultimately, the $30,000 fine was reduced to $5,400, but the store’s owner said he cannot afford to pay it and may have to shut the toy store down, putting a dozen employees out of work.

To someone somewhere, this makes sense. To the rest of us, it’s a nightmare of idiocy that continues unabated, unchecked and unrestrained…

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