I’m not a gun writer but I know tough. I’m talking real tough. Chuck Norris style tough. And ArmaLite’s AR-10 (T) .338 Federal Complete Upper Assembly is that kind of tough. That’s right: Chuck Norris style toughness. The kind of toughness you can’t buy – but you can win. If you’re clever that is.

We’re giving away an ArmaLite AR-10 (T) .338 Federal Complete Upper Assembly valued at over a thousand bucks to the person who comes up with the best Chuck Norris shooting/outdoors/hunting/fishing line. Some examples:

_- Chuck Norris doesn’t hunt because the word hunting infers the probability of failure. Chuck Norris goes killing.
– Chuck Norris doesn’t need a GPS. Chuck Norris decides where he is.
– Chuck Norris once got bit by a rattlesnake…After three days of pain and agony…the snake died.
But we know you can do better. Just give us your best Outdoor Life themed Chuck Norris-isms for a chance to win. Enter now and enter often but know that Chuck Norris already knows who won.

See the official rules here.