The new GunCruzer Universal 2C Modular Gun Case is designed to lock out thieves and the weather.

The four-position locking system adds security for hunters, target shooters and civilians.

Military and law enforcement personnel will also find this carrying case ideal because the locking mechanism meets all air travel regulations and industry standards for safety against theft.

As far as the elements are concerned, the 2C Modular Gun Case is watertight, airtight and dustproof, so firearms are protected when traveling between dry and wet environments. And the o-ring seal and automatic pressure release valve are designed to guard against corrosion and fungus.

The 2C Modular Gun Case holds a single rifle up to 48.5 inches in length. Scopes and mounts will also fit in the case, provided they do not exceed interior dimensions of 50.5 inches L x 14.5 inches W x 6 inches H.

There is a built-in, hidden ammunition box bolted into the base of the case, and its contents can be secured with a standard-sized padlock. There is also an accessory box at the opposite end of the case. The 2C Modular Gun Case comes with embedded wheels, a folding handle and a lifetime guarantee from GunCruzer.

MSRP: $350