Florida Shooting Has Chilling Effect on Proposed 'Stand-Your-Ground' Laws Nationwide

One political fallout from Florida's Treyvon Martin shooting is the chilling effect the incident is having on proposed 'Stand Your Ground' laws in state legislatures nationwide.

Expanded self-defense legislation similar to Florida's law adopted in 2005 has stalled in Alaska, Iowa, and New York, while lawmakers in Georgia, Texas, Wisconsin, and elsewhere are lobbying to repeal 'Stand Your Ground' laws in their states.

A Florida-like measure in Minnesota was vetoed by Governor Mark Dayton in early March. In Massachusetts, Governor Deval Patrick pledged to veto a similar bill if it made it to his desk. Meanwhile, in Michigan, former Governor Jennifer Granholm is blaming Republicans for that state's 'Stand Your Ground' law, even though she signed it into law without comment in 2006.

But the most subtly chilling comment gleaned from cyber-miscellany comes from an Iowa City, Iowa, legislative forum on March 30.

According to the Daily Iowan, "The legislators at the forum -- all Democrats -- agreed 'that the right to bear arms has the potential to become a danger to the public.'"