The Washington D.C. City Council has lifted gun registration requirements that it defiantly imposed after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled its handgun ban was unconstitutional in 2008.

The council, on April 17, approved the Firearms Amendment Act of 2012, which decriminalized paperwork errors, eliminated vision tests, five-hour training courses, ballistic testing and ended bans on certain types of ammunition.

Essentially, the act makes registering a gun somewhat easier and less expensive by wiping away restrictions adopted after 2008’s Supreme Court Heller v. D.C. ruling overturned the District’s 30-year handgun ban.

Although the D.C. Council knew the restrictions would never withstand a court challenge, they imposed them anyway. But now, with Second Amendment groups certain to sue, the council has opted out of an expensive fight it would lose.

No doubt, the council was also prodded along by Washington Times columnist and blogger Emily Miller, who experienced first-hand the frustration and expense that firearm permit applicants are subjected to in D.C.

Miller’s continuing series — Emily Gets Her Gun — attracted wide-spread scrutiny that embarrassed the District for imposing restrictions and regulations, and unleashing bureaucrats, to torment law-abiding citizens seeking only to exercise a Constitutional right in their nation’s capitol city.

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