It didn’t take long for this little 28-gauge from the Turkish firm Akkar to charm the entire test team. It’s as nimble and handy a bird gun as you could want and comes at such a great price ($523), we couldn’t help but anoint it this year’s Great Buy in the shotgun category. A 28-gauge doesn’t have much recoil to begin with, but when you shoot it through a gas-operated semi, what little it does have disappears completely.

When a 28 also balances nicely between the hands and has enough heft to swing well, what you end up with is something like the Akkar 600. The lines and finish on the gun aren’t fancy, but you can tell it was designed by someone who knows how to make a simple and stylish shotgun that will appeal to bird hunters. The metal is done in a satin finish, and the rib is tipped by a simple brass bead.
Test Results**
Score: ? ? ? ?
Price: $523
Design: B+
Performance: A
Price/Value: A
Gauge: 28
Trigger Pull: 5 lb. 14 oz.
Action: Semi-auto