You’ve no doubt noticed that the tactical and hunting worlds have merged. Firearms provide one definite intersection, and you see these two venues coming together nicely in MG Arms’ new Banshee rifle.

MG Arms has been making precision rifles for years, and the Banshee is at home on the shooting range. Whether in the hands of a law enforcement officer or a hunter in a blind, the Banshee is a great rifle when a long distance shot is in the offing.

The Banshee, with its blueprinted Remington Action, is available in 2 models: The Banshee, which features a heavy taper fluted barrel and varmint style, fully adjustable fiberglass stock; and the Banshee Lite, which has a medium taper fluted barrel and a varmint style light-weight custom fiberglass stock that is fitted to the customer’s length of pull.

Both models come with cryogenically treated stainless steel match-grade barrels. The standard barrel length is 26 inches, though MG Arms will build to a customer’s preference. Detachable magazines are available in 5 or 10 shot options. Also standard are a tactical bolt handle, adjustable trigger set at 1-3 lbs., a 20 MOA picatinny scope base, custom bedded full-length aluminum pillar block, and the customer’s choice of textured stock finish or PTFE (Teflon impregnated) metal finish.
The rifles are offered in more than 30 different calibers, up to and including the .338 Lapua. Every MG Arms rifle comes with the company’s Infinity Guarantee, a lifetime warranty that applies to the rifle itself, not simply to the first owner of the rifle.

The Banshee Lite starts at $3,095 and the Banshee at $3,295.

(Pictured here: Banshee (left) and Banshee Lite)