When anti-gun hysteria seeps into the fuzz box that is bureaucratic wonk-think, common-sense initiative by rank-and-file employees becomes a fireable offense.

Such is the case in Wayne County Public Works Department, which has a sacrosanct policy forbidding employees from possessing weapons while on the job. Violators are immediately fired. No exceptions.

Therefore, firing a 23-year department employee for finding a handgun and turning it over to police makes perfect sense to county functionaries and fiddlers. He possessed a weapon on the job. He must be fired.

Of course.

According to widespread Detroit-area media reports, John Chevilott was mowing municipal rights-of-way on May 3 in Detroit’s Brightmoor neighborhood when he found a loaded, snub-nosed revolver in the weeds.

“It was damaged, so it could’ve went off. Surprisingly, it didn’t kill the guy on the mower,” Chevilott explained to My Fox Detroit.

Chevilott picked up the gun and waited for a police car to drive by to turn it over. After his shift, he went to a police station and turned it in himself. Police determined the gun had been reported stolen in 2005 and praised Chevilott for his action.

The Wayne County Public Works Department, however, fired him immediately and suspended his supervisor for 30 days for violating its policy against possessing weapons while on the job.

The local labor union has filed a grievance on Chevilott’s behalf and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms indicates it would be happy to assist Chevilott if he wants to pursue legal action against Wayne County.

“We are stunned that this situation has continued for two weeks. Wayne County officials need to correct this nonsense,” CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb said in a May 21 press release.

“Since when is it policy in Wayne County, or anywhere else, to simply leave a loaded gun lying around where it might be picked up by a child?” Gottlieb asked. “Are morons in charge in Wayne County?”

Obviously, yes.

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