This compact .223 bolt rifle is a solid predator gun that has the benefit of being able to use AR-style magazines to feed the action. Mossberg engineered a tab in the design of the bolt head that drops down to pick up rounds off the top of the magazine. The overall look and feel of the rifle didn’t wow the test team. The accuracy was adequate (1.081-inch average group size), but it was outclassed by the other .223s in the test.

Test Results
Score: ? ? ?
Price: $649
Design: B-
Performance: B-
Accuracy: A-
Price/Value: B-
Cartridge: .223 Rem.
Trigger Pull: 3 lb. 2 oz.
Average Group/Smallest Group: 1.081 in./.057 in.
Ammo: Win. 50-Gr. BST