Outdoor Life Editor Andrew McKean put it best when he said the Ruger American Rifle is a “screaming bargain.” Somehow the wizards at Ruger brewed up this innovative, accurate, and supremely functional rifle and are able to sell it at a profit at $449. How accurate is this .30/06? The 5-shot group average was just over 1 inch and it turned in two .840-inch groups, one with Federal’s 180-grain Trophy Copper hunting load–outstanding performance for a big-game caliber. The ergonomics of the rifle are as impressive as the accuracy.

The three-lug action cocks smoothly, thanks to a smartly designed cocking ramp, and can be run from the shooter’s shoulder. Likewise, we all loved seeing a tang safety on a Ruger bolt-action once again, and the flush-mounted rotary magazine blends with the rifle’s lines and loads smoothly no matter how it is fed. This rifle sets a new standard for affordable accuracy.

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Test Results**
Score: ? ? ? ?
Price: $449
Design: B-
Performance: A-
Accuracy: A
Price/Value: A
Cartridge: .30/06
Trigger Pull: 4 lb. 10 oz.
Average Group/Smallest Group: 1.062 in./.842 in.
Ammo: Hrn. 168-Gr. M Garand