The bold design of the Dimension aims to give hunters a fresh option for an easy-to-use multi-caliber rifle. The switch-barrel mechanism is ambitious (see Innovations, p. 42) but awkward to use. Gear-heads will take to this rifle, but the ungainly lines of the stock (which we found to be very comfortable) won’t appeal to everyone. Among the rifle’s virtues are its smooth operating action, smart ergonomics, and very good accuracy.

Test Results
Score: ? ? ? ½
Price: $679
Design: B-
Performance: B
Accuracy: B+
Price/Value: B
Cartridge: .308 Win./.223 Rem.
Trigger Pull: 4 lb. 10 oz.
Average Group/Smallest Group: 1.249 in./.830 in.
Ammo: Fed. 168-Gr. Sierra Matchking