The original Vanguard by Weatherby was a fine rifle by nearly every measure, but the trigger wasn’t very good and the bedding between the action and stock could be spotty. Well, with the latest Vanguard, the Series 2, Weatherby has worked out those kinks and added a couple of other upgrades. The result is impressive. The new trigger is as crisp as a ripe apple, the stock comes with rubber inserts to improve handling, and the action is smooth and easy to run.

The Series 2 has a new three-position safety with a center setting that allows the rifle to be unloaded while on safe. Our test team of die-hard big-game hunters swooned over the rifle’s handling and accuracy. This is a rifle that doesn’t compromise anywhere in its construction. Among a field of impressive rifles, the Weatherby distinguished itself and earned our 2012 Editor’s Choice award.

Test Results
Score: ? ? ? ?
Price: $599
Design: A-
Performance: A
Accuracy: A-
Price/Value: A
Cartridge: .308 Win.
Trigger Pull: 2 lb. 13 oz.
Average Group/Smallest Group: 1.131 in./.859 in.
Ammo: Nos. 165-Gr. Accubond