2A Advocacy Group Uses Chicago Gun Buyback Program to Fund Shooting Camp

Gun buyback programs are championed by gun-grabbers and media dumb-downers as a way to reduce gun violence by encouraging criminals to sell their firearms for no-questions-asked cash.

Despite many studies that prove these programs are a waste of time and money -- National Research Council (2004) and U.S. Department of Justice (2008) -- gun buybacks remain in vogue because they provide grandstanding politicians an opportunity to delude constituents into believing they are doing something worthwhile.

Such is the case in Chicago, which has staged an annual gun buyback program since 1994, and where gun violence has steadily increased in the last decade, including a 38-percent spike in homicides this year over 2011.

Common sense critics have long argued it would be more prudent to find less expensive, more productive ways to reduce street violence rather than squander limited resources -- $100 per firearm; $10 per BB gun -- to "buy back" predominately unusable guns the city didn't own in the first place.

But, to no avail.

This year, however, the program will actually do some good because proceeds from the June 23 Chicago gun buyback program will help finance an NRA-sponsored summer shooting camp for children.

Guns Save Life, a Second Amendment advocacy group based in Champaign, Ill., sold five BB guns and 60 firearms to the Chicago Police Department -- including 10 manufactured before 1898 -- in exchange for $6,240 in gift cards, according to group president John Boch.

GSL will use the money to buy rifles and ammunition for its summer camp in Bloomington, Ill., which teaches children ages 9 to 16 "how much fun shooting sports are and how to handle guns safely," Boch told Fox News.

Predictably, buyback proponents are outraged that their scam was scammed.

"It's unfortunate that this group is abusing a program intended to increase the safety of our communities," the CPD said in a statement.

The CPD blatantly lies in its website description of the buyback program, claiming that "states with the highest levels of gun ownership have 114 percent higher firearm homicide rates and 60 percent higher homicide rates than states with the lowest gun ownership."

A cursory glance through the FBI's annual Uniform Criminal Report dispels that deceit -- disinformation so egregious, it can't be accidental.

GSL's Boch says Chicago residents should be more concerned with a more glaring, and verifiable, statistic instead of the CPD's fantasy facts. "Just look at the murder rate in Chicago," he asked. "Is (the buyback program)working?"

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