In shotgunning, knowing when to shoot is just as important as knowing where to shoot. And, deciding when to shoot all comes down to vision. Former Olympic medalist and pro shooting instructor Dan Carlisle explains that you’ll see the target in three stages.

In the first stage, the bird (or clay target) will appear fuzzy. You’ll basically see a blurry object moving in the distance. Don’t shoot yet.

In the second stage, you’ll see the bird’s shape more clearly. It’s like seeing the whole pheasant or the roundness of a clay bird. It’s still too early to shoot.

In the third stage, your eye will be able to see detail on your target. In clay shooting you’ll pick up the front curve of the target. In wingshooting, you’ll see the beak or eye of the bird.

You should only shoot after you can see this detail on your target.

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