We’re kicking off a new program here at Outdoor Life. It is the Outdoor Life video contest. The idea is pretty simple: make a video, sent it to us and you might win stuff.


Our first go-around is with Beretta and the original concept was to have people make a video “begging” for a chance to win a gun. The Italians loved the idea so much we upped the ante and are giving away two guns, an A400 Unico shotgun and a compact 9mm Nano handgun.

If you’re motivated enough to send in two videos–one for each gun–you’ll have covered all bases and will have a chance to go home with either. Barring that, you should pick which firearm you want to vie for and make a creative, funny and original video and send it our way. Our bosses ask that you keep them under 90 seconds, so as not to waste our entire day with this, so that’s worth bearing in mind too.

I’m going to judge the vides and pick out the best one, which will run on the web site. After we have our finalists narrowed down, I’ll pick the winners.

Good luck!