Bond, James Bond.

Unless you are Bond, James Bond, the biometric Walther PPK/S carried by 007 in ‘Skyfall’ won’t work for you.

Zany gizmos are Bond movie trademarks. However, according to Dave Guston and Ed Finn of, the technology to biometrically personalize all firearms — as in ‘Skyfall’ — “is technically plausible” now.

Guston and Finn say it would be relatively simple to install biometric palm scanners on firearms to lock out unauthorized users. The only thing restraining the inexorable advance of such invasive and potentially exploitative technologies is “politics,” they lament.

“Remember, kids: Guns don’t kill ideas — pessimists do,” they write.

Rational adults do, too — especially dumb and dangerous ideas thoughtlessly espoused with “giddy fanboy fervor,” writes Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea in a Nov. 17 column.

Dumb idea, he says, because such gadgets would create performance complications and eventually outlaw 270 million existing firearms without them.

Dangerous idea, he says, because New Jersey and Maryland have already encoded “personalized firearm provisions in their laws in anticipation of the technology becoming developed enough to mandate.”

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