Peace activist Jerry Rubin has re-launched his “No Toy Guns Merit Award Project” that offers a “personalized merit award” to all the children and families that write a letter explaining, “Why I will not buy toy guns for my children” or for children, “Why I do not like to play with toy guns.”

As reported on Fox News on Dec. 27, the anti-toy guns project was first established by Rubin and the “Alliance for Survival” peace group in California in 1987. Rubin decided to re-launch the toy gun removal program after the Dec. 14 shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

“After the recent tragic gun violence killings of so many children, isn’t it crucial to focus on all aspects of stopping further gun violence, including how so many children are learning at an early age, through the toy guns they play with, that it’s okay just to pretend to kill their friends and fellow schoolmates,” Rubin told the Daily Mirror on Dec. 26.

Of course, the only reason why this small California anti-toy gun program warrants any publicity is because it is led by Jerry Rubin. But this Jerry Rubin is not the Jerry Rubin you’re probably thinking of — the 1960′s anti-Vietnam War protester and radical who co-founded the Yippies and was one of the Chicago Seven. That Jerry Rubin died in 1994.

This Jerry Rubin is not that Jerry Rubin.

This Jerry Rubin has reportedly spent years working on environmental and anti-violence causes in Southern California, the Fresno Bee reports. This Jerry Rubin runs an information table on the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade as a community gadfly and perennially unsuccessful city council candidate.

Rubin not only enjoys incidental name-recognition but espouses similar ideologies with the other Jerry Rubin. And hopefully they’ll both share the same fate: Obscurity.

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