The National Rifle Association and other gun owners’ groups are calling on New Yorkers to contact their state legislators to halt Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s gun control proposal.

In his Jan. 10 State of the State address, Cuomo demanded state lawmakers “stop the madness” of firearms violence and lead the nation by passing “America’s toughest gun controls.”

Cuomo has submitted a set of gun control proposals that include banning assault weapons with military features, limiting large capacity magazines to a maximum of seven bullets and allowing police to confiscate the guns of anyone considered mentally unstable.

The NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action responded to Cuomo’s proposal by reminding citizens that New York already has an automatic weapons ban and a 10-round magazine limit, calling the governor’s initiatives “a laundry list of recycled gun control proposals that have failed across the country — and they have already failed in New York.”

Even more alarming, the ILA maintains, is that Cuomo and Democratic legislators have been negotiating “behind closed doors” and plans to push for swift adoption.

“Anti-gun lawmakers are teaming with the Governor to make sure these bills are quickly adopted before the gun-owning public has an opportunity to resist,” the ILA statement reads. “Even though this legislation session only began (Jan. 10), these bills can be introduced and voted on as early as next week. Stand up for your constitutionally protected civil liberties and make your voice heard now, before it is too late.”

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