Trip McIngvale
Precision rifle and 3-Gun competitor
Setup: Any target small enough to be a challenge to hit, about 3 MOA.
Range: 300 yards or more.

Shoot: Start in a standing position with the rifle in your hands. At the start signal, move into position and fire one shot at the target. The target can be at any distance and any size but should present a challenge with respect to hold for elevation and wind. A 3-MOA target (9 inches) at 300 yards is a good place to start.

You need to read the wind and distance and have a clear mental picture in your mind of the holds before the start signal. Only hits count.

Position can be prone, but since that is not often an option in the field, vary the drill to use available rifle rests like a rock or tree. Also practice sitting or kneeling.

Skills: This drill works on the shooter’s ability to read wind and calculate drop. The faster you can get into position, the faster you can get the shot off. It builds skills needed to make a first-round hit rather than depending on multiple hits to “walk” the impacts onto the target, since you only get one shot.