In case you missed it, the Department of Justice has concluded that the proposed semi-automatic firearms ban, if adopted, is “unlikely to have an effect on gun violence.”

But, as Daniel Greenfield writes on on Feb. 19, gun-grabbing “Liberals like to think of themselves as reality-based, the only problem is that they’re always playing a game of Choose Your Own Reality. And Choose Your Own Facts.”

The Obama Administration and its allies, including California Senator Dianne Feinstein, have chosen to ignore the Department of Justice’s assessment in “pushing a law that will accomplish nothing,” Greenfield writes. The DOJ’s National Institute for Justice concluded in a Jan. 4 report obtained by the National Rifle Association that, “Since assault weapons are not a major contributor to U.S. gun homicide and the existing stock of guns is large, an assault weapon ban is unlikely to have an impact on gun violence. If coupled with a gun buyback and no exemptions, then it could be effective.”

The report, “Summary of Select Firearm Violence Prevention Strategies,” was signed by Greg Ridgeway, Ph.D., Deputy Director of the National Institute of Justice, not only analyzes the proposed semi-automatic firearms ban, but projected efficiencies of gun buyback programs, large capacity magazines restrictions, ammunition logs and universal background checks.

The results are not encouraging for gun-control proponents so, Greenfield notes, they ignore them — just as, apparently, the mainstream media have, which scarcely covered the DOJ report. “[They] insist that policy should be guided by science, not emotion, and yet they are once again choosing to ignore the science in favor of emotion,” Greenfield writes.

Vice President Joe “Biden knows this information quite well, which is why he has said the same thing several times while championing a law that will do nothing except restrict the civil rights of the political opponents of his political party.”

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